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In World War II the arboretum served the German Luftwaffe. There are 185 acres to wander through and small hide-aways and many oases are to be found. Grab your handcart and let’s go! The arboretum is a tree park full of history. What exactly is a tree park though? Good question, for which the answer you can get in the edutainment-offer. While tree parks usually consist of a crowd of single trees – with name tags and destination of origin – the Hessian land took a different path with the arboretum, where various forest areas of the world are being represented by groups of trees and bushes.

Learning by walking. We love that!

Let the fascinating tree- and nature study (e.g. honey-tour, medicinal plants hike and much more) be explained to you on a guided hiking excursion. Relaxing learning – only possible in Eschborn.

Learning while roaming around is not your thing

How about some vitalizing running in the arboretum instead? We guarantee you it will free your mind! Domenico Perna, our hotel director at the niu Belt, might even join you for a run in this picturesque tree park. You want to recharge your batteries or just work off your excess energy? “Here both is possible”, Domenico enthuses. Ask for him and his personal and exclusive routes for your running sessions at the reception.

Special tip: Ask for a handcart at the reception. We offer this service to our guests at no cost. Moreover, we provide you with exquisite local delicacies. According to our motto “support your local dealer” we will convince you with quality and taste.

You can find further information about the arboretum, tour offers and opening hours on the website of the Hessen-Forst: 


Fantastic: Find a free map of the arboretum to download.

Nachtrag/ Fußnote: 1 acre = 100 ar = 10.000 sqm


Directions with public transport for you and your handcart: Take the train S3/S4 until Eschborn-Bahnhof. From there take the bus number 252 and exit at “Camp Phoenix”. From there it is only a few minutes walk to the arboretum.

Directions by car: 


Am Weißen Stein

65824 Schwalbach

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