Elegant & Exotic

the niu Home

Decelarate in style

At the niu Mesh we took on the job to transport the baroque origin of the pheasant house into our time. And we got it done. Elegant, stylish, and exotic. The niu Mesh is an amazing place to come together, for those traveling a lot, for couples, family, and of course Stuttgart locals. Come in and work, meet people, or just relax. Everything is in its place—the stylish interior as much as the clear design. The amazing murals by artist Alexander Isakov compliment the timeless look of the niu Mesh. His symmetric and detailed works can be found all over the world.

Wild fantasies!

Alexander Isakov is a street artist and has been beautifying cities and buildings all over the world. The relation between architecture and ornamentation is his source of inspiration. „My art is characterized by fine patterns, architectural structures and colors placed as highlights. I am driven by the various cultures of building in our history, such as battlements, towers, compositions and designs by the old masters. All of that, I blend together into something new, fictional, utopian.“ We are proud to say that the Hannover artist Alexander Isakov has made an impression on the niu Mesh.

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