Champagne for all!

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Having a drink in style

Thanks to “Champagne-Claudia” we now know: Champagne is for everyone. And trusting in her wisdom, we think it might be one the basic food groups.

Alright, this is kind of a joke, but one thing the self-declared celebrity Claudia Obert has definitely gotten right: There is never a wrong time to drink champagne. Just enjoy a couple of sips of the most exclusive drink in the world. This here is THE bar to do it, and you can just add it to your sightseeing tour of Haarlem. It is worth it to indulge (and it is reasonably priced). The Rock´n´Roll Champagneria Five Brothers Fat is quite something, and not uptight about it. Here, drinking champagne is just that - no fuss, really. Great: The liquid delights can be accompanied by Spanish delicacies in tapas form. Very tasty! 

At the Five Brothers Fat in Haarlem you can drink around the world via their menu of Champagne, Cava, Sangria and cocktails. Also, there is cool music to chill by, and after it all, just tumble over to your hotel bed at the niu Dairy in Haarlem. Does that sound like a perfect end to a great day?  


Five Brothers Fat, Kleine Houtstraat 40, 2011 DN Haarlem Niederlande

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