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Trinkhallen and other local color on the Rü

There is a saying that you can reach a Trinkhalle (literally „drinking hall“, a local form of small shop or kiosk) within seven minutes walking distance anywhere in Essen. That’s why we love the “Pott” – you can get a drink almost anywhere. And of course it is not just about beverages, as these are places to meet, they are oases to escape the drudgery of daily life. In short: the Trinkhalle is part of our heritage. It is the modern well at which we meet and get replenished. When you hear, “Komma anne Bude” („Come on over“), that means you are part of it – that’s how Essen rolls. 

Miners and their „Klümpkes“

Within just ten minutes walking distance from the niu Cobbles, you can find the most colorful and vibrant shopping and leisure area in all of Essen: Rüttenscheider Straße, lovingly called the „Rü“ by locals. Here you can explore the relaxed culture of Trinkhallen and just chill without bother. The feel of the „Rü“ is unique — you will learn about Essen’s lively side. You can meet the locals, get a bite of traditional food or modern fusion, stop in the stores for a while, or take your drink and „Klümpkes“ (sweets that look like coal) and take a stroll around the area.

Gut zu wissen: “Rü - Pure Joy” turns ten!

This year the local food service community of the Rüttenscheider Straße celebrates its 10-year anniversary with a festival of culinary delights, set for July 28 to August 02.

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