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Garden of Heavenly Peace

the niu Home

Frankfurt’s Oasis of Deceleration

Ooooommmmm! Hidden smack in the middle of Frankfurt’s center, you can find the gorgeous Chinese garden at the Bethmannspark: a little oasis of calm in the midst of the inner city jungle. Here you can find peace and calm the soul, breathe deep. The citizens of Frankfurt love this magical place and meet here during their lunch break for tai chi, yoga, or meditation.

Once you enter the Garden of Heavenly Peace, you can feel a special kind of energy and calm, that you begin to whisper your words right away.

For couples and families this is a wonderful place for a picnic and kids just love to go exploring for hours. But it is also ideal for a short break between two appointments, just to get a little breather and be ready for the next business meeting.

Instagrammable and crazily romantic!

Oh, and let us point out that the park offers various great spots for romantic selfies or incredible nature shots. Instagrammers and hobby photographers look out! Water, vegetation, and architecture blend together to form the perfect symbiosis. A variety of bridges and pavilions are strategically placed as ideal places to take a shot, breathe in, or have a kitschy and romantic first date.

Chinesischer Garten des "Himmlischen Friedens" (am Bethmann Park), Berger Str. 12, 60316 Frankfurt


Opening Hours:

All year round during the week from 7h to dusk.

Saturdays and Sundays (and bank holidays) from 10h to dusk.

Great: Guided tours are possible upon request from the Grünflächenamt (parks services).

Appointments and other information can be found at: https://www.frankfurter-stadtevents.de/Themen/Natur-Gewsser/Der-Chinesische-Garten-der-Bethmannpark_20010235/

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