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Everything has one end only the sausage has two.

Now it's about the sausage. Very German. Very good. Very delicious. The sausage is a long running successful product in this country. It is impossible to imagine the traditional snack world without it. If you want to eat quickly and well you eat Wurst or Worscht (sausage) as the people of Frankfurt would say. Whether with currywurst, spicy mustard, Danish with roasted onions and tartar sauce, dry with white bread or even cleverly worked out with sauerkraut and spicy sauces. The main thing is sausage!
Even vegetarians will get their money's worth with sausage in Frankfurt am Main. Here they say: Questions are free. One or the other snack bar actually offers meat-free delicacies.
We have the best Frankfurt sausage dealers for you. Enjoy your meal!

Gref-Völsings delicacies
Right around the corner from our the niu Coin Frankfurt meets to feast. There are suits next to sweatpants and backpacks next to briefcases. What they have in common is the sensationally delicious sausage from Gref-Völsings. A traditional house in Frankfurt with a slaughterhouse and a friendly team. You want to eat locally and good: This is the sausage place to be.

Best Worscht in Town
A chain? Yes, one that has it all. The sausage from “Best Worscht in Town” tastes good. That is quite simply the secret of their success. 10 branches in Frankfurt compete for customers, fans even buy the homemade sauces online and some come by to work through the spiciness scale. Sauces with sensational degrees of spiciness up to 1,200,000 SCU are offered here (insiders know that this actually means “consumption under medical supervision”). Not only delicious, but also to find anywhere. By the way: vegan sausage is on the menu as well. Comer over and stop by!

Currywurst Taunus 25
Another primary rock of the Frankfurt sausage-business scene is Peters Currywurst Taunus 25. Here you can get sausages from the butcher and homemade curry sauces. And at Peter’s you are able to experience a variety of spiciness as well. But the specialty is not only the good taste, but first of all the different, special sausage creations. Bonus tip: Be sure to try the currywurst with grated mozzarella and fried onions. By the way: People are busy taking photos for the Wall of Fame ( So make sure to always smile nicely at Peters Currywurst Taunus 25.


Gref-Völsings Gref GmbH
Hanauer Landstrasse 132
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Best Worscht in Town
Hanauer Landstrasse 220
60314 Frankfurt am Main

Peters Currywurst Taunus 25
Taunusstrasse 25
60329 Frankfurt am Main

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