Rough elegance

the niu Home

Northern German harbor feeling

Stylish, modern, nonchalant: the niu Keg is like a book full of exciting stories about the harbor, the city’s humorous side, and its history of beer brewing. In its interior you will find industrial motives inspired by brewing culture, side by side with more maritime elements from the harbor: lamps from mooring rope, cabin tables, and wardrobes that look like containers. The niu Keg is an individualistic place with Hanseatic character –  authentic and direct. The stylish juxtaposition of nordic elegance and rough industrial design gives the place a unique and urban „at home“ feel. And Hamburg’s street artist Rebelzer has imbued the Keg with even more nordic serentiy by creating his Instagram-must-have graffiti characters “Freaks”.

Happy-Go-Lucky Freak-Show

“Freaks” by Sebastian Rathert, aka Rebelzer, are everywhere in the urban landscape of Hamburg. The street artist has made his mark on back alleys, the St. Pauli stadium, and on railway tracks of the subway. Bigger than life and always happy. „I am a happy guy, and that is why my Freaks are too“, says the nomad soul with the anker tattoo. His graffiti creatures are cute little comic creations, with a lot of heart and a laugh on their lips. You can find them on every street corner of Hamburg. And if you need one to brighten your day at home, be sure to check out Rebelzer’s flagship in St. Pauli. It’s worth a trip. 

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