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It doesn't get more romantic than this

The "locals" of Lake Constance are whitefish, char and pike. Lake Constance's own fantastic-tasting fish, which we would like to praise as a regional speciality, can be found in the excellent Anglerstuben restaurant in beautiful Constance.

"Come on. Let yourself in for our flavour philosophy. Fresh and selected products from the Lake Constance region and from South Baden. Handmade. Simple but good. Gratitude for the product, processed with respect. Very different. Just trust us."

Sounds like a promising introduction, doesn't it? Just visiting the Anglerstuben restaurant's website makes our mouths water. Passionate people are at work here.

From Tuesday to Saturday evening, you can choose the number of courses that suits you best from the 'Anglerstuben' menu and the 'Bodensee' menu. The restaurant also offers a vegetarian counterpart to the daily menu. They are real all-rounders, the Anglerstuben operators. What do you say to the cormorant with Jerusalem artichokes, kale and blueberries? Or the Arctic char with celeriac, curry and caviar?

Sounds high-end? It is, but definitely affordable. The menus are priced in the 15-euro range. That's not just fair, it's absolutely recommendable. 

The Anglerstuben restaurant will enchant you with its culinary delights. We promise! Last but not least, we would like to share another quote from the restaurateurs: "The days are getting shorter, it's getting colder outside and cosier inside. We love that!"
You can find more information about the Anglerstuben restaurant at


Reichenaustrasse 51

78467 Constance

Phone +49 7531 8180487

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