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The monkeys are loose!

200 wonderfully alert Barbary macaques welcome you to Salem. No, we're not talking about Salem in Massachusetts, in the USA. We're talking about Salem near our beautiful city of Constance. We don't know about you, but spending a day with playful Barbary macaques is definitely a rarity.

There is so much you can learn about these special animals. The specialised staff at the Affenberg will be happy to answer your questions. Guided tours are also highly recommended for a sociable stroll through this wonderful park in larger groups.

Did you know that Barbary macaques are very social animals? They live in strictly organised packs and each animal has a specific role. They love to climb, but spend most of the day sitting on the ground. This gives you the unique opportunity to carefully approach these amazing animals.

Give the monkeys sugar - no!

There is an absolute feeding ban on the Affenberg in Salem. However, the feedings, which take place several times a day, are freely accessible to you. And believe us, you definitely won't want to miss this spectacle. The baby monkeys in particular will melt your heart. We say: On the monkeys, get set, go!

You can find all the information about opening and feeding times at www.affenberg-salem.de

Good to know: The exact distance from the niu Flower to the monkey mountain is just under 19 kilometres.

Affenberg Salem
Mendlishauser Hof
88682 Salem
Tel. 07553 / 381
Fax. 07553 / 6454

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