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Experience the Rhine Falls

Waterfalls are not part of the standard repertoire of German sights. In Schaffhausen however, not far from Lake Constance, you have the opportunity to admire the largest waterfall in Europe. Whether from the shore or even directly from the water on a boat.

There are natural spectacles that one must see. The Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, is definitely one of them. The 15,000-year-old waterfall releases an incredible 600,000 liters of water per second in summer. If the facts don't impress you, the visual experience is certainly worth it. The never-ending spectacle will not let you go. You can watch the masses of water cascading down for hours. Sounds boring? It's not!

Welcome to the "Rhenish Amazon"!

No illusion: a waterfall is loud. The thundering masses do indeed create an unexpected background noise. The visit is not suitable for a romantic rendezvous where you want to have a casual chat with your date. And yet: especially at sunset, the scenery with the picturesque Schloss Laufen castle and the towering Mittelfelsen rock is bathed in a breathtaking light.

The Rhine Falls, also affectionately known as the "Rhenish Amazon", are located in Switzerland, 18 kilometers from the German border and a total of 45 minutes from our the niu Flower.

For a perfect view, we recommend you visit one of the viewing platforms located on both sides of the Rhein river. A special highlight that you should make a note of in your diary is the Rhine Falls fireworks display, which is celebrated every year on August 1st, Switzerland's national holiday.

By the way: the Rhine Falls are easy to reach by train. They are within walking distance of the "Schloss Laufen" or "Neuhausen Rheinfall" train stations.

To sum up: lace up your rucksack, put on some comfortable shoes and plan a trip to Schaffhausen in Switzerland. The Rhine Falls are an absolute spectacle and guaranteed not to disappoint. That's a promise!


You can find more information about the Rhine Falls here: https://rheinfall.ch/en/

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