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Fräulein Brömse’s Sense of the Natural

There is a lot of history in Lübeck. Craftsmanship is honored and love of nature celebrated. The beautiful Hanseatic city is persuasive in its love of detail, history and honesty. And all of that is reflected in the gorgeous little „Café Fräulein Brömse“.

Named after Adelheid Brömse, a famous and important daughter of the city. Even though she was born in 1471, you can still find traces of her around town. She was the oldest daughter of a former mayor of Lübeck, a nun at the order of the Cistercians, but above all she was a capable merchant. With her family, she has made a lasting mark on the history of Lübeck. Little wonder then that the city’s museum and quite a few places in town carry the name of Brömse. Keep an eye out.

„A café full of history will be full of historical things.“

At the „Café Fräulein Brömse“ every piece of cake is unique. And so are the plates, cups, and much of the cutlery. They might be gifts from guests, or have been found at antique and flea markets, collected with love – but they all promote the feeling of uniqueness here at the Café.

„Rooms full of life and history. People full of passion. And a menu full of freshness and uniqueness.“

What makes the Café special is their handling of nature. All of their ingredients are organic and untreated, all of them selected by hand and worked on with respect. This is it, Lübeck’s honesty. There is no trendiness.

You can actually taste nature, feel it, enjoy it with all of your senses. We have sampled the opulent offerings and can attest to their quality. We will be back, without question.

Address: An der Untertrave 1, (Nähe Burgtreppe), 23552 Lübeck-Altstadt

Please be aware: Current information on opening hours and prices can be found at the website::

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