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A festival for the people!

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Who has not been? Who wants to go?

Our reality seems to be like a rollercoaster, doesn’t it? We have no idea if the world with all its restrictions and hazards is going to change until autumn but we dearly hope it will. Out of this hope we mentally send you to a folk festival and not just to any. It’s all about the Cannstatter Wasen.

It’s no carnival – it’s a parallel universe

The Cannstatter Wasen are a colorful and gigantic parallel universe. A potpourri of joy and high spirit. Grab your camera and some change and enjoy this region’s biggest event. Fun fact: Usually, about 4 million people visit Wasen.

Can you smell the popcorn and taste the crunch of the love apples? Can you hear the sound of the horns and sirens and the yelling of the market vendors, that lure you to the gaming tables? We are looking forward to it and fetch our the niu gingerbread hearts to get in the mood!

What’s next?

As already mentioned, you should check out the operator’s website to get informed about current decisions and resolutions. He is as full of hope for 2021 as we are. It is going to be a jubilee: 175 years of Cannstatter Wasen! We’ll be there and looking forward to welcoming you!

Get more information on the website:


Arrival by car:
Cannstatter Wasen
Mercedesstraße 50
70372 Stuttgart

Arrival by train:
Take the train S1, S2, S3, R1, R2, R3 or R8 until Bad Cannstatt station. From there it is 10 minutes on foot.

The following stations are nearby: 
Canstatter Wasen: U11 and U19
Neckarpark (Stadion): U11 and U19
Bad Canstatt Wilhelmsplatz: U1, U2, U13, U19
Mercedesstrasse: U1, U2, U11

Arrival by bus:
Bad Canstatt station: 56
Neckarpark (Stadion): 45, 56, N5
Bad Canstatt Wilhelmsplatz: 52, N4, N5, N6

the niu form Canstatter Wasen Volksfest
the niu form Canstatter Wasen Volksfest
the niu form Canstatter Wasen Volksfest
the niu form Canstatter Wasen Volksfest
the niu form Canstatter Wasen Volksfest

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