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Dance the night away

This is where the DJ stars are at home: Nowhere in Stuttgart is the line-up in terms of techno so good: Monika Kruse, Westbam or Gregor Tresher - here you can find the tastiest beats and the most famous DJs at the weekend.

Mr. Lehmann is a lot, but not one-dimensional: Metal and rock fans also get their money's worth here on a regular basis.

And music lovers, it gets even hotter: once a month you will be served an electro delicacy in the form of the dazzling gay break Lovepop. You will love it!!

The people of Stuttgart are loyal to their Lord Lehmann. Some people wait patiently and long in line in front of the door. Without grumbling and complaining. Why? Because it's worth it! So friends, throw yourself into your party fumble and off with you in Breitscheidstrasse in the basement of the Bosch area.

And you know: what happens in the Lehmann Club stays in the Lehmann Club ...

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