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A love letter to a club

A lot of myths and nostalgic stories have been told about the „Pratersauna.“ It is the “best techno- and electro club in the world,” some say. “A hole in time and a labyrinth”, say others. Everyone’s got an opinion, one way or the other - the „Pratersauna“ is an unusual location to party. Maybe it is the unique blend of styles that causes these varying emotions. The former sauna club has a distinct 1960s vibe to it and yet, it’s ultra-modern elements are impressive - just look at the rough stone bar, lit in neon green lights. 

No matter who you ask, though, there is one feature that all guests and fans love: The „Pratersauna“ has an outdoor pool and beach area in the garden. The “Sauna Beach Club”-area was renovated and expanded in 2016. During the summer, you can cool off your hot, sweaty bodies in the water up until 20h - trust us, it's a highlight. The beach club is Vienna’s only outdoor pool, where you can swim for free. You can find several options to lie down, cool and tasty drinks, yummy snacks and quite a lot of eye candy … (as they say). Each week a new chef or restaurant will provide you with culinary delights. 

Great: During summer the organizers will have movie showings on the terrace, mostly film classics and always open air. Would you rather be more active? Sure thing. Every Saturday the Vienna Yoga Fam Crew is holding a yoga class at the pool. (Reservations via Facebook).

All of this entertainment is still not enough? Nope, the organizers of the „Pratersauna“ also curate art events. The “PS Art-Team” regularly hosts “progressive exhibition concepts of international renown“ in Vienna and pushes for “new impulses in art discourse and city life”. 

In short: The „Pratersauna“ at the 2. Viennese district Leopoldstadt is more than a club. It is a space, in which you can disappear. In the midst of the night, in the beat of the music, in an artwork, or simply in great conversation, in dark corners … the night is yours!

Address: Pratersauna, Waldsteingartenstraße 135, 1020 Wien, Österreich

Sauna Beach Club-opening hours:

Mon – Sun: 12:00 to 20:00 h

Info on PS ArtSpace: facebook

Please note: Recent information on opening hours and more detail at: pratersauna.tv

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