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Best beaches in Duesseldorf

Düsseldorf - this city always goes one better. It goes without saying that not one, not two, but three coolest beach locations along the Rhine are waiting for you. The great city beaches are absolute musts for Düsseldorf visitors.

The Rhine has an enormous attraction anyway - these three locations have made the charm of the giant their own and designed great - almost - holiday-ready opportunities to stay.

Beach feeling wherever you look!

There is a lot of love for detail, interior and cosiness here. All three locations are simply perfect for frequenters, culinary enthusiasts, connoisseurs, idlers and time-out takers. Caution: They could (after the niu Tab of course) become your second living room. Insider tip: you want to go to the city beach? The city beach operator's online shop will soon open, where you can buy lounge furniture, beach accessories and lots of Düsseldorf souvenirs.

Get into your swimming trunks and bikinis with you and don’t forget to apply lotion!

The locations:   
City beach Theodor-Heuss-Brücke
City beach at the Rheinkniebrücke
City beach Oberkasseler Brücke

Open daily // opening times, maps and directions can be found at https://www.stadtstrand-duesseldorf.de/

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