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Hamburg’s design heart beats loudly

There are so many preconceptions about the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Hamburgers are called tight-lipped, stiff, and narrow-minded. Hogwash, we tell you and invite you to get to know the amazingly creative design stores in all of the North. In reality, Hamburgers are a cosmopolitan, affectionate folk with a beautiful creativity.

Get ready for a trip to the coolest designers in Hamburg.

1. Ethel Vaughn

Someone once said that Katrin Diederich’s fashion designs are “Bohemian Streetwear”.  Could be. Kinda fits. But it’s not important. Because the nonconformist styles do not need labels and boxes. Ethel Vaughn is the number one address, if you are looking for your 80s and 90s fix. A little bit of craziness, courage, and glam are needed to wear this – we dare you! 

Good to know: The recent collection „Wide Awake“ is a collaboration of Ethel Vaughn with artist and art director Friederike Hantel. We love it! 


You can find Ethel Vaughn “auf Pauli”. Kleine Freiheit No.1, Clemens-Schultz-Strasse 88, 20359 Hamburg 

Tel.: +491603513634


2. Black Velvet Circus

Tanja Glissmann’s motto “Love the past - Love the future” can be found in all of her styles. The Hamburg fashion designer has already worked for big labels such as Alexander McQueen and lala Berlin. Her creations are a fantastic mixture of rock´n´roll and vintage, all the while graciously feminine. Ladies, you will love this.  


Good to know: Selected styles by Black Velvet Circus can be found at the shop “faible and failure”.

Address: Glashüttenstrasse 5, 20357 Hamburg

3. Ahoi Marie

There is nothing more Hanseatic! The designs of Hamburg’s ships-porcelain artisans are maritime, in blue and white notes, and present with playful harbor scenes. They are beautiful souvenirs and a must-have for all fans of Hamburg and the harbor. At the “Bootshaus Hafen” in Neustadt, you can find the porcelain, as well as other maritime treasures such as duffles and other bags. Since March 2020, the Bootshaus has no official opening hours any longer, but it is worth keeping an eye on their info about “Ahoi Marie’s” pop-ups, events and worthy special sales which are announced on Instagram and Facebook.


Address: Bootshaus Hafen, Thielbek 3, 20355 Hamburg


By the way: The adjoining "Bootshaus Kombüse" offers “Ahoi Marie’s” maritime mess hall for lunch sailors and coffee mermaids from all over the world. You will find a typically Northern German menu there — how about some baked pollock, red jacket potato with green beans or salmon pancakes? The cook of the „Bootshaus“ gets quite creative with his daily changing menu ideas. Oh, and before we forget to mention, between entrée and dessert you can check out “Ahoi Marie’s” ships-porcelain. Go get some!

Bootshaus Kombüse, Steinwegpassage 5, 20355 Hamburg

Opening hours: Mon - Fri 11.30h - 17.00h, Sat & Sun closed

4. Local design

This is where “Support your local dealer” was born. The concept store smack in the middle of Hamburg’s „Schanzenviertel“ is believed to have quite the nose for talent. You can find furniture and accessories for all tastes and all budgets. Need a new bed? Or an eggcup? Either you buy a unique or a wonderfully crafted small series item. Even better: individual designs are possible, as everything can be customized to your needs. 


Address: Schulterblatt 85, 20357 Hamburg

Tel: 040-65916483

Opening hours: Mon 11-19h, Tue & Wed  11-19h, Thu – Sat  11-19h, Viewing only: Sun 11-17h  

Tel: 040-65916483

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